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Video production, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Creative - useful for anyone wanting to stand out online

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CVP Marketing Group is more of a feeling than an entity. The feeling of a job well done. The feeling of accomplishment and creativity.



Quality production work takes creativity, patience, and vision. Video production is our passion and what we love.



You have ideas in mind that you built your business around. We take those ideas and make them visually understandable.



Hearing ideas and pictures means you have to listen more than you talk. We want to hear your story and bring it to life.



Design work is specific, it is not random. It takes understanding, insight, and risk. We leverage all three for your business.



Good business is about good relationships. They are built, not bought. Digital marketing is no different. Let's get started today!



There is a bit of magic that goes into creativity. Being able to see the bigger picture and make it digital. This is what we do.


Greg Welch

Gregory S. Welch

Creative Head

Spearheading the creative side of CVP Marketing Group has been Greg's passion since the beginning. With his love for "outside the box" thinking and "BIG" ideas, CVP is never at a loss for cutting edge understanding and direction.

Soccer, film, acting, and the digital world all are intense hobbies and joys for Greg. If you don't find him on the soccer pitch, you will find him online, researching latest trends or perhaps behind a camera somewhere, shooting his latest internet video.

Bonnie Welch

Bonnie Welch

Scientist At Large / Ninja

With her Bachelors of Biology and being smarter than the average Nobel Prize Winner, it is safe to say that Bonnie is the brains behind the operation. She is the overseeing force behind CVP and all aspects technical. Known as "Mom" to the family, she plays a vital role in keeping things organized and on track.

"Girls are made of sugar and spice...? Try beaches and science." she would say.

Strong Coffee


On Tap Fuel

Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Caffe Latte, Caf au Lait, Irish, the list can and does go on and on. We take our coffee drinking pretty serious at CVP. Almost as serious as we take our digital marketing and production. If you ever find yourself at a loss for something to do, give us a call and someone will be most happy to share a cup with you.

Many projects have been driven by caffeine fueled nights, Want to get on our good side? Offer us some coffee.

Causl Fridays

Casual Fridays


One of the joys of Social Marketing has been the privilege it allows us to develop meaningful relationships with our clients. Marketing today is more about relationships and less about the starch, sanitized, glossy appearance of traditional marketing. There is a place for business formal and yes, we know the difference but the overall attitude is one of conversation, not suits.

We want to engage you in conversation about your business. This means letting down the outward guards and being who you really are. (This is best done over a cup of coffee btw.)

The Family

The Family

There are a lot of us

We are a clan, a squad. Family has been such a strong part of CVP from the beginning. A part of the local community, we have been providing top notch goal keepers to our area for over 10 years (yes we are all goal keepers at various levels of play). Running CVP has been a true endeavor of love and dedication from all.

When you support CVP you are supporting this crazy family and we are very grateful that you have chosen to make CVP a part of your marketing plan.

Han Solo's Spirt

Han Solo's Spirit...

The Force

Being a "Creative" company, we are always trying to find ways to illustrate thoughts and concepts. The drive and determination of Han Solo exemplifies this. A hero's hero, he found a way to get things done in the midst of adversity, challenge and trash compactors. His skepticism about the force slowly turned into a realization that life has a purpose and a balance and you can work with it to achieve better results.

CVP isn't Jedi training, but we are convinced we have worked with several along the way



Soccer Dawg

Our "unofficial" mascot, Titan is an integral part of the team. Raised on a strict diet of coffee, soccer and Jedi training films, Titan has become the dawg many of his compatriots only dream of being.

When he is not on the soccer pitch taunting lesser players, he can be found napping in his favorite arm chair waiting to approve of the latest CVP creative campaign being put together.


CVP's specific skill sets I find most impressive are their creativity, digital marketing and filming. Their use of those talents on our behalf has given AIC and ESG the exact branding and messaging we were looking for. They took it upon themselves to really go the extra mile in creating our logo stings which they took from our concepts to develop first rate animations which really grab our audiences' attention and create a great first impression.

Gregg Masters - Applied Industrial Controls

Gregg Masters - Applied Indistrial Controls

I can't say enough about the website I got from CVP Marketing Group! It looks great, it sounds terrific and my clients love it. What more can you ask from a web development company?

Brian Hilliard - Best Selling Author, Networking Like a Pro!

Brian Hilliard

As an IT consulting company we have to work with web developers and web marketing companies every day. CVP Marketing Group is truly in a league of their own. Their customer service, professionalism and marketing expertise combined with their incredible web designs puts CVP head and shoulders above the rest in the industry. That’s why we use them for all of our marketing solutions. One of our largest clients with offices throughout the southeast came to us because, “We saw your website and we want to do business with a company like yours.”

Joe W. Moon - President/CEO Mobile IT Solutions

Joe Moon

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